Best AR Fitness Apps: How to Play The Right One For You

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the world of fitness and exercise, modern AR fitness apps can do a lot to better your traditional workouts. If you were to look into the best AR fitness apps, what makes each type distinct from the next, and which one is the right one to play for you? Here are the top AR fitness apps as reported by hundreds of users for your consideration!

Some augmented reality fitness apps are focused on running, exploring, golfing, dodgeball, walking, yoga, or even laser tag! Some of the best AR fitness apps include Golfscape AR, AR Runner, Pokémon Go, HADO Dodgeball, and Prayoga. There are even sci-fi-style AR fitness apps to mix up your workout.

What makes some of these AR fitness apps and games so popular or interesting compared to other fitness apps? Which ones are more casual and which ones are more fitness-focused? Let’s go over in depth what to know and remember when it comes to integrating a new AR fitness app into your daily exercise schedule.

What Is An AR Fitness App?

The first important thing to learn about AR apps is what AR stands for. AR stands for augmented reality, not to be confused with VR, which is virtual reality. 

Augmented reality is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting types of modern technology. AR mixes the real world with the virtual world at the same time. 

You may remember some popular app games like Pokémon Go that use augmented reality to encourage people to get more active and involved in the real world and with friends.

AR may not be as popular or immersive as VR can be, but it is an invaluable tool when it comes to spicing up your workout! There are so many AR fitness apps to choose from that you are bound to find an ideal, fun fit for yourself. From soccer to running to frisbee, you can explore the many options of AR fitness apps listed below and find the perfect games for you and your friends!

Golfscape AR

This AR fitness app is ideal for golfing fanatics! If you want to improve your golfing game, download and try out Golfscape AR. Golfscape AR can offer the best experience, even if you have never played golf before. By playing Golfscape AR, you can also handily avoid paying for an expensive caddy in real life.

Golfscape AR also gives you a full 360-degree view of the augmented golf course. It even lets you get the exact difference you have to the center, front, and back of the golf course.

Although the app is free to download, it is good to keep in mind that there is a pro version of Golfscape AR that does cost money. The pro version of Golfscape AR often costs around $40 per year, but this price could be worth it to you if you are an avid golfer.

The pro version of Golfscape AR offers advanced scorekeeping, identifies hazards and targets, and gives club recommendations. Try it out to see if it’s a good fit for you!

Golfscape AR can be downloaded to iPad or iPhone as long as their version of iOS is adequately updated.

AR Runner

As the name implies, AR Runner is an augmented reality app that is focused on making running and jogging more interesting. AR Runner can make checkpoints appear in front of you in the real-world environment so that you can run through them to set a time while running. This game is a fantastic way to make running and sprinting more interactive. The app is also terrific for motivating you to beat your previous lap times.

AR Runner can be used indoors and outdoors in four different, distinct modes. These varied modes can make your fitness experience more entertaining and immersive. This app can even be used by a single athlete or a group of athletes.

Leaderboards are recorded on the app so that players can compete in 60 handcrafted challenges with other runners from all over the world. At the low price of $1, AR Runner is one of the most affordable and useful AR fitness apps around. If this seems like a fun fitness app for you, try it out on your iPhone or iPad during your next run.

HADO Dodgeball

You don’t have to stick to strict workout fitness AR apps to get some exercise in. There aren’t a ton of augmented reality-based sporting events, but HADO Dodgeball is a testament to the times changing. This app is developed by Meleap and offers a new take on dodgeball with an AR spin!

As you use this app, augmented reality can create barriers and shields to change up the dodgeball games. The game matches in this app can be one-on-one battles or team competitions with up to three players on each squad.

You need to find a HADO arena to play the dodgeball games on the app. There’s one in the United States, currently in Texas, and several Asian countries have a few locations that players can check out and use. It is worth it to try the HADO Dodgeball app if you live near one of the courts.

Zombies, Run!

This AR fitness app has a hilarious take on your traditional running app. Instead of more traditional checkpoints or barriers, Zombies, Run! uses audio from a helicopter pilot to instruct you as you escape a zombie apocalypse! As you listen to these entertaining instructions, your run is made to be a lot more effective and interesting as you put yourself in the mindset of a survivor outwitting threatening zombies.

There are even missions and goals that can be completed in Zombies, Run! as you accomplish your real-world cardio goals. These missions and runs can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes and can be played more than once. This app pairs exercising with fun base-building mechanics to offer you a stupendous way to get fitter.

Pokémon Go

This is possibly the most well-known AR fitness App on the list. Even though Pokémon Go is a pretty low-intensity game, it is a popular mobile hit that can encourage you to get outside. You can clock many miles while walking and playing on Pokémon Go. The fun of the game can make minutes and hours of walking fly by while you explore the neighborhoods and areas around your home.

Using this fun game to catch pocket monsters around town can help you connect with others socially and help you keep up a healthier lifestyle. True, Pokémon Go likely won’t make you break much of a sweat in fitness terms, but it is still a great gateway to becoming more fit.

Pokémon Go is also fantastic for getting kids more interested in and involved in fitness. Try out Pokémon Go on Android or iOS devices to find out if this fitness app is fun for you.


This is an AR fitness app that brings yoga workouts conveniently into your home for immersive exercising. Prayoga utilizes body tracking tech to give you feedback as you execute yoga asanas. While using the Prayoga app on the Apple Watch, your workouts can be synced automatically with your phone if you use ShazamKit.


This is another fitness training app that uses engaging augmented reality. In Gymnotize, you can be shown augmented figures correctly performing gym moves and lifting weights with accurate and proper forms. This will help you to ensure that your fitness forms are accurate. You’ll also be able to avoid injury while following the corrections that Gymnotize will provide you with.


Another golf-centered fitness app comes in the form of Golfshot. In this app, you can experience AR through your phone to identify golfing hazards and targets in real-time. It can even give you recommendations on which golf clubs to use! Golfshot is an award-winning app and may be the best fit for you when it comes to AR workouts.


A more hiking and outdoors-focused fitness app, Theodolite is a fitness app that uses your viewfinder to project augmented reality and be a one-stop shop for everything from navigation to sightseeing. This app can be used for recreation or professional use. 

Lots of engineers and geologists even use Theodolite depending on their line of work.

It can be purchased for around $8 on iPhone and there is even an HD version of the fitness app sold for the same price on iPad.

Jurassic World Alive

Forest at night with pine trees under dark blue sky with many stars

For all the dinosaur fans out there who want to keep up their daily activity and general health, there is Jurassic World Alive. This app is similar to Pokémon Go in that it was created as part of the initial AR gaming craze. There are lots of other AR gaming and fitness apps similar to Jurassic World on the market. Jurassic World Alive is unique in being a well-balanced mobile game that focuses on encouraging the user to find and interact with stunning augmented dinosaurs.

Other AR apps that are in the same vein as Pokémon Go and Jurassic World Alive include Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Ghostbusters World, WallaMe, and World Brush. WallaMe is an explorative AR game that lets users hide messages in the real world. World Brush allows players to make art that other fellow explorers can find in reality.

AR apps like Jurassic World Alive and those close to it are wonderful ways to interact with and experience the world in a new, creative light. These tools can be a great way to get kids and teens involved in more daily walking and social interaction as part of their fitness patterns.


Do you like laser tag? Then get ready to love QuasAR! This AR fitness app offers you a whole new way to experience laser tagging. With the use of AR technology and modern smartphones, this app lets two players go head-to-head in one-on-one laser tag fights.

Granted, QuasAR is a simple concept and game, but there are still engaging projectiles and shields built into the game that will make it a blast to play for all ages. The game is even free to download for iPhone or iPad as long as they are properly updated.

Solos Smart Glasses

Solos Smart Glasses and their companion app are made to improve your cycling fitness experience. With the use of GPS tech, this app can offer you turn-by-turn navigation help while feeding you visual and audio cues while you ride. Cyclists are then able to use these tools to better navigate, improve their route performance, save their favorite cycling trails, and split trails into laps to gather performance analytics.

Using this app with these glasses will help you to ride more productively, stay focused, and have more fun! The app isn’t necessarily game-focused, but it is an AR fitness app that can help you have more fun and become healthier. If the Solos Smart Glasses are too expensive for you, there’s no shame in trying out the many other more affordable or free fitness AR apps.

Star Walk 2

This one is another app that bears semblance to Pokémon Go. Star Walk 2 is not super fitness-heavy, but it still gives you a great reason to get outside and active. It uses augmented reality to give you a gorgeous stargazing experience as you find the exact positions of dazzling planets, constellations, and comets.

If you live in a city, Star Walk is a refreshing way to visit more rural areas as you go out for late-night walks to absorb the beauty and majesty of space.

At the end of the day, there is no shortage of AR fitness apps to choose from. It all just depends on what your preferences are and what you want out of the experience. Plenty of AR fitness apps helpfully offer you a virtual coach, more motivation, and incredible virtual imaging to help you focus on your workouts. Jump into any on the list and discover what AR fitness apps are best for you!


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