Do Bodybuilders Get CoolSculpting? Does it Help With Muscle?

CoolSculpting is a technology that can essentially freeze away fat cells in certain areas of your body. In order to get Cool Sculpting you often have to have a certain body weight and a large amount of fatty tissue in one area. Many may wonder if bodybuilders use CoolSculpting to help with fat loss.

Most bodybuilders do not get CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting does not help with building muscle, but it can make muscle more apparent in areas like your stomach or legs. Most often bodybuilders do not have enough fat to CoolSculpt, and instead lose any excess weight by intense dieting and exercise.

There are many reasons why a bodybuilder may choose not to get CoolSculpting. They have many other techniques to make themselves look strong and muscular without needing a medical procedure.

How Do Body Builders Look So Strong?

While lessening fat in the body is an essential part of bodybuilding, that is not all that bodybuilders do to look strong. Bodybuilders have lots of techniques to make themselves look muscular and sometimes even taller. Some techniques include:

  • Spray tanning
  • Intense dehydration
  • Dieting
  • Posing and posture
  • and, of course, working out.

The important thing to remember is that bodybuilders spend hours at the gym and look strong because they are strong, not because they have had a medical procedure. They have trainers who spend hours with them each day, and workouts meant to push the limits of the human body. Their muscles are very well developed, and they also work with their trainer to make them visible even when standing still.

Bodybuilders look strong because their muscles have very little fat on top, at least during training seasons. Their diet is one key component of losing almost all of their body fat. Bodybuilders eat very high-protein meals with very little sugar or carbs. This is not healthy to maintain for a long period of time, so they only do this leading up to competitions. This low-fat content makes their veins visible and muscles very pronounced, even in places like their lower back and glutes.

Leading up to competitions, bodybuilders may also dehydrate themselves, which will lessen the percentage of water making up their body and mass. This makes them look very muscular and also helps them “weigh down” so they weigh as little as possible. Again, this can only be maintained for a day or two.

Spray tans, posing, and lighting also create the illusion that there is more muscle there than there actually is. Bodybuilders can spend hours a day practicing posing before their competitions. Posture also comes with practicing posing, and it can be used to make them look taller or stronger. Their spray tans create shadows and darken depressions and ridges in the body, making muscle look more pronounced.

Why Bodybuilders May Not CoolSculpt

Bodybuilders may choose not to get CoolSculpting for many reasons! The two biggest ones are often because they do not have enough fat to ‘melt’ with CoolSculpt, or because they prefer being “natural.”

CoolSculpting only works if you have large areas of fat. Most often working out and reducing your caloric intake to protein and vegetables reduces your weight enough that it is difficult to qualify for CoolSculpting. If a bodybuilder is genetically predisposed to carry and hold fat in certain places they may consider CoolSculpting, but most often they attempt changing their diet and routine before that is a consideration. If you are genetically predisposed to fat, even if you get CoolSculpting it may return, which is why lifestyle changes are preferred by bodybuilders.

Being “natural” most often means that you do not use steroids or other kinds of medicine to aid you in bulking or getting stronger, but some bodybuilders may consider CoolSculpting or liposuction procedures to be something that does not make them natural. Bodybuilders who are “natural” pride themselves on reaching the limits of human strength without needing potentially dangerous assistance or medical assistance.

Why Bodybuilding

Being a bodybuilder is not all about all about aesthetics! Many bodybuilders choose to bodybuild because it gives them a goal or a sense of purpose. Bodybuilding is also meant to test the extremes of human strength. Lee Lim on YouTube has gained a popular following as he talks about why he bodybuilds and does competitions, but also the downsides it can have. Just like running and dance, it is a competitive sport that can be very difficult physically but has great rewards.

Bodybuilders in the Off-Season

While it is essential to have a very low fat-to-muscle ratio for bodybuilders, especially during competitions, bodybuilders do gain some of that weight back after their competitions. Most bodybuilders do not compete every year either. This means that most of the time you know someone that bodybuilds they will not look like they do during competitions. They will gain a healthy layer of fat back over their muscles and gain the water weight they lost right before their competitions.

The recent discussion over Jason Mamoa having a ‘dad bod’ sparked a lot of conversation over what a healthy physique for men is, and resulted in a lot of people explaining the cycle of dieting and then allowing your body to have a layer of fat over very well-developed muscles. There are plenty of articles, Tumblr posts, and pictures detailing the change in not only Jason Mamoa but other bodybuilders like The Rock as they shift to a long-term and sustainable diet after they finish with a show or a competition.

When People Chose to CoolSculpt

CoolSculpting may be used by people who are trying to look more muscular, especially if they have fat that lies on top of well-developed muscle. This practice is more often adopted by men than women, but not always. So while bodybuilders do not often use CoolSculpting, there is a chance that people who are going to the gym often and look very muscular have gotten CoolSculpting to take off fat they are having a hard time losing themselves.

Fat around the stomach is often a genetic disposition, especially for men. If you have enough body fat percentage to qualify for CoolSculpting, then you can have that fat ‘melted away’ to reveal muscle and abs that are underneath that fat.

Genetic disposition to retaining fat is often when people choose to pursue CoolSculpting, but exercise and dieting are used to keep the fat off after the initial procedure.


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