Dragon Pistol Squat. How to Train to Do It

If you are a squat enthusiast, or just looking for a formidable workout routine to challenge yourself with, look no further than the dragon pistol squat. If you were to attempt one of the most difficult squats possible, how should you train to do it? here are some of the best exercises and practices to do to eventually safely perform a dragon pistol squat!

To train for a dragon pistol squat, put yourself on a training regiment of strict pistol, shrimp, deep, and close leg deep squats. Keep up gym attendance and work with exercise trainers. Perform mobility drills and stretches with your training until you are strong enough for dragon pistol squats.

What makes the dragon pistol squat so difficult to perform for athletes and everyday exercisers? What can you do to ensure you’ll one day be able to perform a safe and correct dragon pistol squat and similarly difficult squats? Let’s go over what to consider when training to take on near-impossible squats until they become easy to do thanks to your dedication.

One of the Most Difficult Squats: The Dragon Pistol Squat

Many athletes see the regular pistol squat as the toughest feat of exercising. This is because anyone executing a pistol squat must use a lot of stability, strength, and flexibility. The dragon pistol squat is an exercise where an athlete squats down on a single leg while also hooking their other leg back behind the standing leg and then out in front of the body without touching the ground.

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This difficult squat can be observed in action here. If you research further into this type of squat, you will discover that this move needs even more advanced strength, stability, and flexibility.

A squat as intense as the dragon pistol squat will need a lot of preparation and training before you attempt it. Make sure you follow the below steps to safely and correctly execute a dragon pistol squat.

Training for Extreme Squatting

Some prerequisites to performing a successful dragon pistol squat include being able to execute a strict pistol squat and a shrimp squat. It can be very helpful to you to enroll in a local gym, sign up with a personal trainer, or buy a subscription to an online exercise program. If you strengthen yourself through strength resistance training and regular gym attendance, you’ll be able to increase your endurance and strength.

Below are helpful ways to prepare for and perform strict pistol squats and shrimp squats.

Strict Pistol Squats

To perform a strict pistol squat, extend both arms and one leg out in front of you. Carefully squat down by bending the straight leg you are balancing on. This exercise entails keeping your non-working leg parallel to the ground during the whole exercise. Doing so will increase your mobility and strength, preparing you for the dragon pistol squat.

Do your best to train to the point where you can perform strict pistol squats for 5 total reps in a row.

dragon pistol squat

Shrimp Squats

If you learn how to do shrimp squats you will make a strong foundation for yourself. To perform a shrimp squat, simply hold an ankle behind yourself and squat backward until your knee touches the ground. Your knee should touch down on the ground just behind your standing leg’s heel.

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Doing shrimp squats will help you to build up your glute strength. Try to work your way up to doing 5 solid reps of these as well. If you nail these, you are well on your way to the dragon pistol squat.

Mobility Drills

Mobility drills can be defined as stretches and low-intensity drills. You can do these drills every single day. They will help to increase your body’s mobility as preparation for the dragon pistol squat.

Deep Squat

Deep squats are accomplished when you keep your heels planted on the ground, keep your chest high, butt low, and hold the pose for 3 sets of one minute. Performing deep squats will result in opening up your hips. Make sure to keep your ankles, shoulders, and ears in a nice, unbroken, and straight line for proper form.

Close-Leg Deep Squat

Close-leg deep squats are typically tougher to do than deep squats. This is because close-leg deep squats need more flexible ankles, along with strength and power in your shin muscles. To perform them, put your feet together, squat down into a deep squat, and keep your chest high and butt low. Try to hold it for 3 sets of one minute.

General Squatting Tips

Lots of general health websites have general tips for squatting. Before starting a squat, it’s best practice to screw your feet into the floor by dialing your feet into the ground. This will engage your muscles, create stability between you and the ground, and improve your alignment. Screwing your feet into the floor or ground will also stop your arches from collapsing.

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Keep your chest up while you are performing squats. Engage your core as you descend and perform the squat. When you rise and stand back up, drive through your heels and finish strong.

dragon pistol squat

When training and preparing for difficult squats, consider increasing your time at the gym. If you take on more and more difficult exercises, perform the above-listed squats and exercises, and add things like resistance bands to your workouts, you’ll be able to take on the dragon pistol squat even sooner.

Track your gym workouts and squat progress if you want to improve. The best thing to do when you set a goal is to measure your progress. This way, you’ll be able to better hold yourself accountable and keep track of how far you have come. This will all help to keep you more motivated. Try to maintain a simple Google spreadsheet line or bar graph of sorts to keep track of your gym visits and successful squat workouts.

Even though the dragon pistol squat is one of the toughest squat variations, you can still conquer this tricky exercise with enough time and effort.


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