The 7 real reasons that make you addicted to working out

How do people get addicted to working out?

Fitness people who get real results by working out, “no matter the kind of physical activity they are doing, are addicted to working out”. 

In my opinion, this is something everybody is glad to hear or read about, and if nobody has told you before, this is the truth about exercise addiction.

Being addicted to working out doesn’t have to be because somebody hurt your feelings, you suffered bullying at school, or somebody broke your heart in a relationship; this is something serious, something that really exists in life. Working out is just another way of living, and you can find this path without being hurt by anybody.

Here are the 7 facts that can make you addicted to working out, and in my opinion, these are the real symptoms of exercise addiction.

1. You are Able to Make Habits

Making exercise a daily habit is one of the best investments you can make in life. There are bad habits and good habits; of course, bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or stealing, are made without thinking about acquiring them. They are an option and you were not 100% sure if you should do it when you first started, however, you can do it for many reasons and I think it is not important to find out why (at least for this article).

On the other hand, good habits are made under a strong decision and determination to do the right things. You probably have something in mind that will bring you awesome things such as health or a tremendous physique. With all this said, you can ask yourself, are good habits a good investment in your life? The answer is yes, of course!

If you can make good habits such as exercising, lifting weights, playing sports or doing any kind of physical activity that provides you with health and well-being, you are telling yourself that you are valuable, you are good, you are an individual with a strong mentality, and you want the best for you, and above all, you love yourself.

2. You Are Sports-Oriented

Ok, Fitness & Wellness are the results of being constantly sports-oriented in your early years. For example, boys can play soccer, and then they find for some reason that exercise is a good activity with awesome benefits and so they may end up in a gym. They can be very involved in the process for several years and then become addicted to working out. Another example in girls can find activities such as gymnastics or martial arts where they experience changes in their body at a young age, and then they find that working out at the gym could be even more beneficial for them and so they start the fitness path and get addicted.

For children who are not into sports and enjoy activities such as video games, maybe science or some other disciplines that don’t require physical activity, it is going to be very difficult as adults to start working out because they don’t experience exercising at a young age.

That’s why I believe in my experience that children who are more sports-oriented can become addicted to working out and obsessed with gyms later on.

3. Working out has Changed Your Life

You know now that your life is better, you feel better, you are better. Fitness has made you another person, other people are inspired by you because you are telling them “with results” that fitness is a good investment for your life and it brings you health, peace, and joy by making you feel good.

Just remember, not everybody can do it, and the ones who made it, they became a good example for the others around them.

4. You developed an Awesome Body

My friend yes, you have an awesome body because you worked for it, do you know what I think of these kinds of people? “They are great”, an awesome body can’t be stolen, it can’t be borrowed, it can’t be bought, it can’t be earned it; an awesome body can just be built with time, patience, effort, balance, and discipline. So, if you have achieved an awesome body by working out, congrats! it is an accomplishment! I know behind that accomplishment are tears, pain, suffering, frustration, and injuries, but all of this is part of the process of getting an awesome body and being addicted to working out.

5. You Love Yourself

Probably you never thought this before, but working out, building an awesome body, and staying healthy is a clear sign that you love yourself. You need to take care of yourself because nobody else can do it for you. Be proud of being in the fitness path and please continue loving yourself by providing your body with fantastic benefits by having excellent workouts, eating clean food, following a healthy lifestyle, and resting well.

6. You Are a Goal-Oriented Person

I’ve heard that a goal-oriented person is someone who works hard to achieve good results in the tasks they have been given. In the Fitness path, these tasks are made by you. If you are goal-oriented and you have it in mind that you are going to get that amazing body, or you are going to get that physical skill by a certain period, guess what? You are going to make it, and probably by this time you are saying “yes and it was hard, but I finally made it”. So, if you are in the fitness journey and you are a goal-oriented person, you are probably addicted to working out.

7. You Are Disciplined

I really like to talk about discipline as I believe it is one of my best friends in life. Discipline is like water, you must follow the road to end up in a sea of opportunities.

If you are disciplined, there is no doubt that you can achieve your fitness goals at the right time. is very curious this phenomenon, time and discipline always are together, is a serious process that it may be hurtful at first but remember: behind of every discipline, there is a promise.

Continue being disciplined and accomplish anything you want in life.


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