Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit?

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit?

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit? In the world today, many of us have a renewed focus on self-care and wellness, from engaging in physical activity to encouraging environmental health, clean lifestyles, and mindfulness. The resultant well-being requires considerable effort, including a diet consisting of whole, natural foods, and a regimented, regular fitness routine. These require significant discipline and willpower, making it difficult for some of us to start the process.

The four main reasons for this include mentality, time, fatigue, and inconvenience. There is no one size fits all single excuse for this question. It’s going to be dependent on who is answering because each person has their own unique reason for why they find it difficult. In many cases, it’s one of these four things or a combination of the four.

Taking that initial step is the most challenging part. Once you get past that hurdle, it’s a matter of finding ways to keep yourself motivated to continue. Need some help getting started? You’re not alone!

Reasons Going To The Gym Can Prove Difficult

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit? Going to the gym can prove challenging for a number of reasons depending on the type of person. In some instances, the barrier can be based on self-confidence or self-esteem. Entering one of these establishments can be intimidating if you think that people with optimally fit bodies will form judgments about the condition of your body.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit?

 Ironically, a lot of people choose to try to exercise and lose weight to look good before they join a gym membership. Other factors people tend to use as to why it’s so tough to make that journey:

  • Inconvenience: The world of business has indeed become much more demanding, with hours worked much more extensive, making memberships to a gym inconvenient in this age. More people are employing home workouts so that they can exercise whenever they choose and without the need to wait in line for the equipment they need to use.

    Some companies are placing workout rooms for employees within the business as part of their benefits wellness program, making a far more convenient option for their staff who can engage in fitness during lunchtime or breaks.
  • Hours in the day: Not only does work consume a majority of our days in this modern world, but people try to fit in time for their families, entertainment, school, kids’ activities, home maintenance, and so much more. Engaging in self-care, unfortunately, seems to fall to the bottom of the barrel. And there are so many components that fall under self-care, going to is the easiest to push aside.
  • Mindset: Sadly, there are a lot of people, as we mentioned earlier, who tend to compare themselves to those around them, doubting their own abilities and feeling inferior when unable to accomplish similar tasks.

    These people generally make the initial trip to the gym and go for a while. But you can’t genuinely be successful in working towards your own goals if you’re consistently paying attention to everyone else’s routine and how well they accomplish theirs. 
  • Giving up too soon: Usually, this leads to quitting the gym and the potential for giving up on self-care altogether with the likelihood of developing low self-esteem. It’s critical to understand when attending a place where a broad range of people workout, there is a chance for athletes, weightlifting enthusiasts, or any number of people with an advanced fitness level in attendance. You need to give yourself time.
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In comparing what you’re able to perform or lift to what this person can do, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. In turn, you’ll destroy your confidence and the ability to continue your gym journey.

  • Excess fatigue: Stress from hectic lifestyles many of us lead along with overloads of information on the regular, leaves most people with the desire to merely want to sleep at the end of the day. For those who do make it to the gym after a long day at the office, the next day on the job finds them ineffective and less productive. That’s what they tell themselves.

When, in actuality, if you were to engage in a wholesome, natural diet plan and a consistent, regular exercise regimen, you would become much more energetic, develop mental clarity, sleep better, reduce stress levels, and, in fact, be much more productive on the job.

Being motivated is what ultimately makes it less challenging to find your way into the gym for the very first time. And motivation is what keeps you going back for the duration. It’s just a matter of finding that inspiration, which will annihilate these factors that deem it impossible for you to make that trip inside a public workout facility.

Finding The Motivation To Get To The Gym

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit? Most of us need inspiration before we begin anything, but that’s especially true with diets, losing weight, and exercise programs – particularly if you’re going to do so in a public gym.

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Frequently, people feel that they need to ‘lose a few pounds’ before they can find their way into a commercial facility so that they can have a bit more confidence and, in turn, more motivation. If that method works to bring you into the gym, that’s a positive. But it doesn’t have to be about weight. Perhaps just eating healthy for a week or two will inspire you to hit the gym!

Other techniques for self-encouragement include:

  • Schedule everything out carefully when you initiate your self-care plan meaning you’ll be busy leaving little time for thought. When there is something to look forward to on the schedule, excitement comes with that, and we become motivated.

Don’t plan to go every single day because it will grow to be too much. Instead, try to go on the same days and times, so you develop a trigger. Allow yourself a treat either before or after as a reward for the effort.

  • Place affirmations throughout your home for self-assurance. These are the greatest inspiration and will also help you in realizing the bigger picture. If you can visualize the goal, what better motivation?

Not only achieving the body that you’re hoping for but working out will help you to extend your life, enhance overall energy, and improve your mood as a whole. When you make up your affirmations, keep these things in mind and write them accordingly.

  • Rather than being chased off by the people who are ‘better’ than you, talk to them and become inspired by them. Let those people show you techniques that may help you in your own progression. They can explain what motivates them and gets them into the facility each day.
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Maybe it will make sense to you or rub off on you. They may be able to recommend online videos or books that can assist in your process. Turn your frenemies into the people who bring you the most benefit in your journey.

You Can Make It Easier to Get to the Gym!

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit? The most important part of the whole concept of going to the gym is not to treat it like it is a chore. If you go into thinking it is too challenging, or you can’t operate the machines, or you’re incapable as opposed to focusing on the energy, muscles, and health, you won’t last. You need to enlist your favorite music or a funny audiobook and so you can associate the experience to positivity.

Each time you feel yourself wanting to give up, tell yourself that you’ll go just one more time. And do that each time that happens. After a while, you’ll give up trying to give up. Ultimately, it will no longer be a challenge going to the gym. We hope we have answered the question: Why Is It So Hard To Get Fit?


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