Why have I been working out for years with no results?

Many people always ask themselves “Why am I not getting results at the gym?” I found that these people are hoping to get results just because they are working out, however, in addition to working out, you need to do many things to accomplish your fitness goals.

The main reason why you’ve been working out for years with no results is the lack of goals. I found in many years of experience with people in different gyms around the world, and my experience as a personal trainer and as a fitness enthusiast that people really need to focus on what they want to accomplish and set a deadline for it. In my personal opinion, you are not getting results at the gym because you’re taking the gym as a hobby, not as a serious deal.

Here’s what you need to avoid right now!

1. Talking too much 

Yes, many people go to the gym to hang around and meet some friends; basically, it is their second house. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are not looking for results in your workouts. I found that people go to the gym and talk too much with their workout partners, keep flirting, or just have fun with people.

The gym for me and for many people who are more focused on working out and getting results, is our personal time, our moment, an enjoyable place. We are passionate about what we like to do, and the funny thing is we enjoy going to the gym so much that we are not focused on getting results. We just like to work out, and the results come as a consequence; that’s my own perspective.

2. Use of the phone

The use of the phone at the gym is pretty much similar to wasting time talking. I don’t know about you, but in my case, if I go to the gym at 6 am and I just have 1 hour 30 min to complete my routine, I’d rather workout than wasting time on my phone; it is just not worth it!

So many people are on their phones at 6 am sitting on a bench. Sometimes I’d like to ask them what are you doing? Who are you talking to at that time? Did you really wake up early to be on the phone? I just don’t get it. Anyway, at any time the use of the phone at the gym is a waste of time. On average, you just have two hours a day to work out, and I think, it is a good time to disconnect from the world and enjoy your own time.

3. Not having a workout plan

In this post, I’m not going to tell you what are the best exercises to get results at the gym. There is so many information around the web about this topic. It is very simple, you just have to find what you really like and enjoy the most. Try different things and see what is best for you to get results, it could be more cardio, or low-impact activities, more weight lifting, or even sports skills. Once you find what is best for you and what type of exercise you enjoy, you can start thinking about getting results.

For example, in my case, lifting weights is best for me, because I love lifting weights and I really enjoy it, which is why I get results. You may not enjoy it and that’s why you probably are not getting results.

Just because many people go to the gym and get results, it does not mean that you can get results just by going to the gym too. There are so many other factors that affect how you get results. Don’t go to the gym because many people are going, instead, go when you are willing to work out hard to get the desired results.

Find and try different things, you never know, maybe lifting weights is not effective for you and you can get faster results in a Pilates class, which is also a good workout.

4.  Hoping to get results “At the gym”

This is a huge mistake that many people make. Long time ago, I was training hard, lifting heavy weights, spending like three hours per day, doing a lot of cardio, practicing sports, and for some reason, my body didn’t look athletic at all.

One day my trainer said: “Hey kid stop wasting time here, the results are getting at home” I didn’t understand at that moment, I thought he was annoyed by me or was joking,  however, later on, I realized that he was right. The way you eat, what you eat, your lifestyle, and also if you have enough rest are all as important. Resting is part of the training. I was young and I was eating so wrong, so many processed foods, white bread, big meals, and I was also having dinner late night, not eating at the right time, not eating enough fruits and vegetables; pretty much I was having cheat meals every day.

The most important thing to remember is what you eat and in what quantity you eat based on your workouts is the key to get real results.

5. Not having fitness goals

If you go to the gym with no goals or expectations, you may get stuck, and honestly, it is not a good investment of your time. You must have goals and aspirations, and set deadlines and accomplish your goals.

Probably if you don´t have specific goals, it is because you are not disciplined, which is the next reason.

6. You are not disciplined

With discipline, you can accomplish anything in life. It may take longer, but behind on every disciplined is a promise. Being disciplined will help you set goals, accomplish them, make some sacrifices in your diet and maybe in your social life. I´m not saying that you must leave everything to go to the gym and get results, (I did that by the way) I’m just saying being disciplined is a good investment of time and effort and it will bring you great results at the gym and in anything you want to accomplish in life.


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