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Best Compression Gear To Enhance Athletic Performance: My Top Picks

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Buying Compression Clothes won’t be very important to you unless you get more serious with your workout or you have to visit your therapist very often. I love working out but I also know how important it is to take care of your body.

Most fitness gears are not protective enough for the great workout you do every day, either running or lifting weights. Often when I workout with regular fitness clothes I feel I can’t finish my routine without feeling muscle fatigue. However, there are some good compression clothes on the market that I can recommend. My Favorite compression shorts for leg training are The 2XU Core Compression Shorts (Available on Amazon). For Men or Women, these provide better support and stabilize your body parts as you train, are also very effective in eliminating muscle soreness and fatigue. They cost a little more, but they are totally worth it in my opinion.  That’s my top pick.

I really like the material 2XU uses for this product, it allows you to move with comfort, these are great when you are ready to increase the weight or increase distance, you can trust that your shorts or tights are going to provide you with better-perceived exertion. Having low perceived exertion means that you need less effort for a workout. For those who love sports, workout hard, or endurance races, you will understand the importance of low-perceived exertion.

Garment Features

  1. Compression short
  2. PWX highly powerful, lightweight, and flexible compression fabric
  3. Drawstring waistband for an adjustable secure fit
  4. Signature X logo on thigh
  5. Flatlock seams to reduce chafe

Product Details

    Powerful, lightweight PWX fabric with circular knit 360-degree stretch, reduces muscle movement and damage whilst compression boosts blood flow to muscles, improving performance, lowering the risk of injury, and speeding up recovery
    Drawstring waistband provides an adjustable secure fit
    High quality, durable, moisture-wicking yarns outlast the competition and keep the skin cool and dry

Why I love 2XU?

I remember when I start getting more serious in my workouts, I wanted to improve my performance, lift more weight, run faster, be more flexible, etc. I noticed that not only healthy food, sports massage, exercise regularly, and have some rest days will give you these benefits, but also the clothes you wear can provide you with a ton of benefits that you could even imagine until your wear them.

So I was working as a personal trainer in a Sports Club, I was working with Runners in the activation session, practicing gymnastics, soccer, biking, yoga, and I thought that I couldn’t do everything without feeling tired on weekends and just want to be on the bed all day.

One day I saw one of my clients wearing really nice shorts with a big X on the right side and I told him, “what nice shorts”, where do you get them? he explained to me the great feeling he had after every workout or running session, not falling fatigued at all, with faster recovery, and most important improving the performance. That day I decided to give them a shot and I really love this brand since then, is one of the best investments I ever made, I can recommend this brand to everybody without any equivocation, with 2XU you will have really good benefits for your body to have a better performance.

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