How To Lift Heavy Without A Spotter?

How To Lift Heavy Without A Spotter

How To Lift Heavy Without A Spotter. For several years in the fitness industry I’ve been watching many guys doing the wrong lifting forms in their workouts, either bench press, barbell squats, and back pull-down. These exercises are crucial in the workout routine to build muscles, lose fat, and have an amazing body; however, almost every guy at the gym (especially young guys) have been doing the wrong lifting. It is no wonder that they can’t see results at the gym fast and never can get a step forward without anabolic steroids.

The best way to workout heavy without a spotter is by having the proper lifting form, increasing your reps with the same weight for some weeks, increasing your weights gradually dominating each set, keeping track of your records, and being patient. 

Let’s look at what I mean and what you need to do about it. 

We will take the example of the famous bench press that everybody likes and almost everybody sucks at. You don’t need to lift 180 pounds with a spotter, you need to lift 90 pounds with the proper form, then increasing your reps in each set, and finally increase the number of sets. Also, to see real results in your body shape and your strength, you can try it for a least a month and see your progress.

Is it safe to lift heavy without a spotter?

Of course, if you have the proper lifting form, it is safe! Lifting without a spotter can increase your strength by 15% each month, which is much better than lifting with a spotter and having zero progress in your strength and not building muscles at all.

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The question is, what do you prefer: Looking like a “strong guy” who lifts a lot of weight with a spotter and not seeing any results in your body, or being a “strong guy” with an amazing athletic complexion, and lifting only what you need to lift by yourself to get stronger and build muscles?

-An example of Chest Press would be something like this:

How To Lift Heavy Without A Spotter

Benefits of working out without a spotter

-Increases strength

-Increases testosterone levels

-Builds muscles

-Helps in developing proper lifting forms (avoiding injuries)

-Burns more calories 

-Improves balance & Flexibility

Do you really need any more benefits?

Proper lifting form tips

Ok, young guys, there is no rush to lift 180 pounds in bench press; this is not a competition, so stop looking at it that way. Instead, focus your energy on muscle growth with a real workout, feel the burn, and feel the pain the next day.

Increasing your reps in each set

Increase your sets and reps with the same weight for a certain period (let’s say a month). This is very simple: try to start lifting 50 pounds in bench press doing the proper lifting form, do sets of 20 or 25 reps (maximum) and you will feel the real pain (stay with the same weight for a month), instead of lifting 90 pounds with a spotter and doing sets of 10 reps or even less. 

It doesn’t really matter how much you lift, what matters is if the way you lift is helping you build muscles and get stronger.

The next step is

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Increasing your weights and reps gradually

When you dominate the weight by doing sets of 25 reps, you have not just developed strength but you’ve also got a better shape on your chest. Now, you can add a little bit of weight and repeat the process of increasing your sets/reps, this time with the increased weight.

This is an example (Don’t believe me just try it)

Bench press increasing sets and reps

1 week50 pounds4 sets15 reps
2 week50 pounds4 sets18 reps
3 week50 pounds4 sets21 reps
4 week50 pounds4 sets25 reps
1 week50 pounds5 sets15 reps
2 week50 pounds5 sets18 reps
3 week50 pounds5 sets21 reps
4 week50 pounds5 sets25 reps
1 week50 pounds6 sets15 reps
2 week50 pounds6 sets18 reps
3 week50 pounds6 sets21 reps
4 week50 pounds6 sets25 reps

Bench press increasing weight

1 week50 pounds4 sets15 reps
2 week70 pounds4 sets15 reps
3 week90 pounds4 sets15 reps
4 week110pounds4 sets15 reps
1 week50 pounds4 sets15 reps
2 week70 pounds4 sets15 reps
3 week90 pounds4 sets15 reps
4 week110 pounds4 sets15 reps
1 week50 pounds4 sets15 reps
2 week70 pounds4 sets15 reps
3 week90 pounds4 sets15 reps
4 week110 pounds4 sets15 reps

You can follow the pattern mentioned in both tables, and continue to add another table with more sets, weights, and reps. Also, you can make modifications based on your routine and schedule. The whole point of this workout plan is to condition your muscles for intensity and endurance. So, when you finally can lift 90 pounds (as an example) doing the right progressions (we mentioned in the tables above), you will be able to lift heavy weight without a spotter, without a problem, and of course, you will even be able to lift more in the long run. If you follow these steps, it would be very easy for you to lift heavyweight later. Definitely, it’s going to take time to make these changes, but it will surely pay off! Remember, there is no rush, you have plenty of time.

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Proper lifting (examples)

-Bench Press 

-Barbell back squat

-Back Pull-down

Keep track of your records and have patience 

Try to make a simple format as I showed before in both tables and see the progress in your workouts. You don’t have to go crazy; try one muscle at a time, see your progress in your chest for a month, and in next month focus on another muscle. Write down everything you need for the specific muscle you are working on, feel and see your progress, and then go for more.

Be patient, as I mentioned before, there is no rush to lift heavy in your first three months of working out. Compete with yourself and look amazing while building the body of your dreams. Don’t compete with your dudes, there is no need to do so. Stop wasting time and just workout to get real results.

If you know that you have an athletic complexion, you are stronger because you lift without a spotter, and you look amazing in your clothes, why do you need to prove everyone that you lift a lot of weight? That is useless! Focus on achieving your results and forget about what people see or think. Please do me a favor: Enjoy your workouts

A list of exercises that you can do without a spotter (doing the proper lifting form)

Bench press.

Barbell back squat.

Military press.

Skull crusher.

Upright row.

Dumbbell bench press.

Dumbbell flies. Dumbbell shoulder

Source: Click Fit


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