How to Get Ripped Without Bulking?

Get Ripped Without Bulking

Get Ripped Without Bulking. Many people have an inherent desire to be as fit as possible. They have dreams of rippling abs, flat stomachs, and bulging biceps. However, many do not know how to get ripped without getting much bigger in size or gaining weight.

People are able to build muscle without excessive bulking by lifting weights, eating good amounts of protein, and taking good care of their other needs. The main goal is to give their body enough nutrients and exercise to decrease body fat while increasing muscle mass.

This is just a general statement of what a person needs to do. However, there is a whole lot more to getting ripped without bulking. There are also a few questions that need to be answered before someone goes to the gym and gets started.

How is it Possible to Get Ripped Without Bulking?

Some people think it is impossible to get ripped without bulking, but that is simply not the case. In fact, for some people, it might be easier to get ripped without bulking. The main reason why this works is that bulking simply gives the muscles more nutrients to work with in order to get bigger. That’s why many people see others eating large amounts of protein and food without much of a care. Weight gain is the goal because they have the lifestyle to make it into muscle instead of fat.

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Some, if not most, people do not need to supply a ridiculously large amount of nutrients because they have a decent number of reserves in their body fat.

People who are relatively fit already have muscle; it’s just hidden under the layer of fat. People who are ripped usually have under ten percent body (if they are men) or under twenty percent body fat (if they are women). It is important to know that too little body fat is a problem as well. Men need two to five percent body fat to function healthily and women need 10-13 percent for normal, daily function.

It’s also important to consider that there is a healthy and unhealthy amount of weight loss. The healthy amount is around 1-2 pounds a week. Any more than that can be concerning for a person’s physical and mental health.

What is the Ideal Weight to Get Ripped?

For body weight, there is no “ideal” weight. There are people who get ripped with a body weight of 125 pounds and others who are more like 190 pounds or more. It really depends on the individual and their body as to what weight is healthy and best for becoming toned.

Get Ripped Without Bulking

It is a different story when it comes to the weight of weights. For people who prefer doing more reps with less weight, it is recommended that a person should do 20 reps for each set with a weight that is challenging for them. This means that reaching 12 reps is a struggle still. If it is no longer a struggle, the person needs to increase the weight.

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For people who prefer to do fewer reps with more weight, they should only be able to do 1-12 reps maximum. Realistically, people should shoot for a weight that makes it hard to complete six reps. Both of these methods are useful for getting ripped.

How Long Does it Take to Get Ripped (Realistically)

The main question here is where a person starts. If someone has a relatively healthy lifestyle and lower body fat then it probably will only take two months or so. Some people are less healthy, to begin with, and need more time to burn the fat and gain more muscle. For them, it can take up to a year or longer. Even professional bodybuilders need 3 to 4 months of dieting to be in peak shape.

Foods that Help People Get Ripped

Get Ripped Without Bulking

One of the biggest aspects of getting ripped that often gets understated is the diet that a person is on. Being conscious of food choices helps a person build muscle and reduce fat.

There are many obvious foods and drinks that need to be cut out or minimized in order to become more ripped. Some of these include processed foods, sugars, soda, alcohol, and excessive amounts of unhealthy foods. It is also important to be aware of all of the calories being consumed in a day. Calories are an important measure because if a person were to intake too many calories in a day, they would not be able to lose weight. Even healthy calories can limit someone’s weight loss.

There are several food groups that should be increased or maintained in order to support a person’s health while they try to get ripped. One of the biggest groups is protein. Protein is the main nutrient that muscles require to rebuild and strengthen themselves, so it makes sense that a person would need a lot of protein in order to build muscle.

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Some good sources of protein include chicken breast, low-fat beef, soybeans, greek yogurt, nuts, turkey breast, shrimp, cottage cheese, eggs, and salmon.

Unlike other diets, people who want to get ripped need to be taking more carbs. The main goal is to make sure they are not carbs that cause blood sugar spikes, like vegetables, whole wheat, and fruits that are lower in sugar. Some examples of fruits that are lower in sugar include berries, apples, and watermelon.

The last thing that is important to have in this kind of diet is healthy fats, like olive oil and coconut oil. This kind of fat actually promotes weight loss and has nutrients that are vital to your body.

Should a Person do a Full Body Workout to Get Ripped?

Yes! A person should do a full-body workout because it will promote equal muscle gain and tone everywhere instead of just the arms or abs. One person even mentioned that people are unlikely to see muscle develop faster in an area by working that area more.

The point of being ripped and losing excess body fat is to reveal the muscle underneath. This requires a good balance of cardio and strength training. Some good exercises include squats, deadlifts, military presses, and pull-ups.

It is also highly recommended that a person stretches frequently to avoid getting muscles that have limited movement.

Now that we understand the basics of getting ripped without bulking, it becomes a lot easier and safer for a person to do so. Good luck!


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