Sports and Fitness. Best Sports to Play for Fitness and Why

Sports and Fitness. Throughout my life, I have found that when I am trying to stay fit, it is far easier to participate in a sport than just get into the gym. And many sports that we participate in, both with others or by ourselves can be some of the most effective ways to keep us in shape. But what sports are going to do the best job of keeping you fit?

Any sport that is working your muscles and increasing your heart rate is a healthy option. However, sports such as rowing, soccer, hockey, running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, beach volleyball, and gymnastics are the most effective sports for getting people in shape.

So, you now know what the best sports for your fitness are, so if you want you can get outside or to a gym to start training, but throughout the rest of this article, I will cover what parts of the body these sports work and what makes them so healthy.


Getting out onto the water and rowing, whether it be a canoe, kayak, or any other kind of boat, can be difficult for many people who don’t live near water. But if you are close to a large body of water, rowing is one of the best sports to help keep you in shape because it is a complete workout for your whole upper body and core. Along with that, it’s also a great cardio activity if you are rowing fast, strengthening your lungs, and getting more oxygen to your muscles.

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You can play either traditional ice hockey or field hockey, as both are going to be extremely good for your fitness. The biggest reason these sports are so good for you is because you are going to be skating or running at high speeds for about 10 minutes with very few breaks. Hockey players tend to have great cardio, improved hand-eye coordination, increased flexibility, and great endurance.

Soccer (Football)

The most popular sport across the world is going to be a great option to help keep you in shape. This is because, just like hockey, you are constantly moving, with plenty of sprinting and jogging without rest. Essentially, playing a full match of soccer is an improved version of the HIIT workout.

While hockey and soccer have the same benefits, the main reason for soccer is the fact that it is less physical than hockey (but it can get physical) and sets a lower risk of injury from flying objects. Soccer is also a cheaper sport to start playing, and is played anywhere in the world.


Sports and Fitness

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that running sports such as track or cross country manage to make this list. Running is a great sport helping build up your cardio and build up your leg muscles. Running provides a number of other benefits depending on what type of running you are doing.

If you just want to do some casual running, then it is recommended that you go for nice, 20-minute jogs and include short sprinting intervals throughout this period.

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Whether you go to a spin class where you can enjoy the fun atmosphere, or you go out and bike through those areas around your home, cycling is another great sport that will help you stay as fit as can be. Cyclists are best known for having great, sculpted lower bodies and very lean physiques.

If you are looking to get the best workout while biking, then it is recommended that you keep your workouts fairly short, but intensive, as opposed to taking a casual cruise around town.


Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts that you can get from any sport. It is very easy on your joints, helping you avoid injury. Swimming uses every part of your body, and because of this, swimming is also a very hard workout, meaning you don’t have to do it for too long to get a solid workout in.

Swimming is also a great aerobic activity, that is going to help you improve in a number of different ways. Since swimming builds up so many muscles, it is a great cross-training sport to help you build muscles and get fit for other exercises or sports.

Rock Climbing

Sports and Fitness

Rock climbing is not only a great workout, but if you rock climb outdoors then it can be a great, adrenaline-filled adventure. It doesn’t matter if you climb outdoors or indoors, as just getting onto a rock face and climbing is going to have your muscles aching, and getting stronger.

Since rock climbing can be difficult to get started, it is recommended that you start by taking some classes. However, before long you will have built up muscles throughout your whole body and get to a point where you can even climb competitively.

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Beach Volleyball

While you can just play traditional volleyball (or basketball as they provide the same benefits) playing beach volleyball will provide the most benefits due to the resistance the sand creates. Volley helps build up muscles throughout your whole body and strengthens your cardiovascular system through a number of motions including:

  • Sprints
  • Pivots
  • Jumps
  • Slams

If you are just getting started with volleyball, it is recommended that you take a number of skills and drills classes in order to get the basics down before you start competing. But once you start, there are competitive levels that anyone can take part in.


With gymnastics, you can build up your body to be lean, fit, flexible, and strong. Gymnastics can be a very difficult sport to pick up, as you are going to be working a number of muscles, and the weight you are lifting and throwing around is your own body weight. This is just one of the reasons that gymnastics requires a high amount of dedication, discipline, and perseverance.

If you want to get started with gymnastics, it is becoming easier as there are more classes and facilities across the world than ever before.


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